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Creative Expressions offers services in essay writing assistance, essay writing assistance, editing,translating, resume construction, and tutoring. Creative Expressions caters to the student falling behind in school, the job seeker who needs to spice up their resume, and the college student that is simply overwhelmed with college assignments. Sandra Morales the owner and operator of Creative Expressions understands the demands of everyday life and time constrictions. With over 140 college hours and having majored in Philosophy and Criminal Justice with a minor in English she is knowledgeable in various areas and can assist you with any assignment or course you may need help in (with the exception of mathematics and science). Over three years of experience working with and tutoring all age levels has given her the necessary skills to help students reach their ultimate potential. What are you waiting for ??? Let Creative Expressions spark your creativity!!  Contact Sandra using the provided contact info. or post directly on page. Remember to leave correct email and number so that she can promptly respond to your writing/tutoring requests. She has worked with students all over Texas, however tutoring at the moment is limited to the Rio Grande Valley. Payment methods are to be discussed upon first contact, but involve Money Gram . If you are not comfortable with this payment method, references can be provided. If still not comfortable please look elsewhere. Thank you. :)

Sandra Morales

Owner and Operator of Creative Expressions

Weslaco, Tx.

210 489 0018

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Standard fee for all essays is $15 per page, with a minimum of 2 page charge. If time to comprise essay is limited and no three days notice is given, an additional $20 service charge will apply.

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Research Papers

Assistance in writing research papers with a standard fee of $18 per page. Cost per page may go up depending on time constraints. Constructing research papers utilizing various styles such as APA, MLA, etc. is not a problem. The work cited or bibliography page and in text citation is an additional $20. As a gift to …

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Resume Assistance

Assistance in comprising a professional resume ranges is set at a flat rate of $30 , two page limit. ( No potential employer wants to read more than two pages)

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Tutoring Assistance

If you are a grade level student falling behind in reading and writing assignments or other material, Creative Expressions can help you reach your maximum grade potential. If you are a college student that needs assistance in any subject with the exception of mathematics and science. Standard fee per hour is $20 with a minimum …

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Editing an essay, writing assignment, or resume will cost $10 per page.  Translating from Spansih to English and vice versa is also $10 per page. Minimum $20 charge for both services. (Spanish and English translation only.)

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  1. Tommie Nalls

    Very professional and does great work. Got all As. Highly recommend her for any writing assistance you may need.

  2. Edward Zavala

    Does grade A work super fast. Super amazed at her talent.

  3. yaneth

    I need help with a research paper for my history class you can call me @9569070912 or email me Thanks!

  4. Joe

    I’m looking for help regarding my Bachelors in Business Admin. I see that you do research papers, resumes and such but wondering if you can work Power Points too. I’d like more information on how you work this. I really need this help and not looking to be done for so I would hope you’re legit. Also, I’d like to know more about your fees.

    1. admin

      I can certainly help with all the work you mentioned. Please call or text 210 489 0018

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